Data Security

When your IT equipment (PCs, servers, etc) reaches the end of its use, a large amount of sensitive data can be stored on the hard drives contained within. This data can not only pose a severe threat to the security of your organization if compromised, but also a threat to any individual’s data contained within, such as social security or credit card numbers. Many organizations struggle with what to do about this problem, and opt to lock up their old hard drives inside of storage closets where they can one day be misplaced or worse yet, stolen.

How the process works: DoD Wipe

Simply reformatting a hard drive may still leave sensitive data on it, able to be recovered by data recovery specialists, as reformatting the drive doesn’t perform the necessary multiple-layer rewrites which are a part of the process utilized by Salma Systems. The software used by our company conforms to Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M) standards to completely eradicate all data on client hard drives by overwriting the data with multiple passes prior to entering a verification wipe to be 100% certain of successful data destruction.

Since this is done by software, a successful software-based wipe requires the hard drive we’re performing the work on to be in a condition which is functional enough for the software to successfully do its job. Some hard drives will have bad sectors which prevent our software from being able to guarantee complete data erasure, so when this happens, we have the equipment necessary to physically destroy the hard disk itself.

Equipment Tagging

While we’re picking up your equipment via an official company vehicle, our staff can review each piece of equipment with you on-site to ensure that we’ve tagged every piece of equipment in front of you which requires data destruction. Once tagged and verified with you, this equipment is securely transported under lock and key to our processing facility in Coconut Creek, Florida, and upon arrival is verified for accuracy, and the data destruction process begins.

Certificate of Destruction for a DoD Wipe

Upon completion of (1) secure, complete eradication of client data via our DoD 5220.22-M drive wipe software, or (2) physical destruction of the hard disk and the rendering of all data into an unrecoverable state, we certify in writing via a signed Certificate of Destruction that the work has been completed.

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