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So you’ve upgraded and need to do something with your used computer equipment. Do you throw it in the garbage? Sell it? Recycle it? Lock it up in a room to keep the data safe?

The problem with storing used computers & computer equipment.
First of all, does your company really have the extra cubic feet needed to store old equipment? Will it be behind locked doors? Is there sensitive information on the computers like employee/customer social security numbers, privileged company data or account numbers that would pose a real security problem if stolen? Do you want to take the time to pick through all of the data on your computers to find out? Obviously, storing these machines is not a great solution, but you knew that.

The best solution: we buy used computers.
Although it doesn’t suit your company’s current needs, your used equipment may still be useful. Salma Systems can wipe your hard drives with Department of Defense standard data eradication software or physically shred them, delabel the machines so they are no longer visibly associated with your company, then refurbish your used equipment for further use.  So – turn your organization’s surplus/used IT assets into cash by selling them directly to us – and get peace of mind that your equipment will not be sent to a landfill.

Recycle Old Computers & Servers, Monitors, IT Equipment which is too old for REUSE
Our company’s target is to buy used computers & IT equipment which can be refurbished, but vendors often have equipment which is too old to be refurbished and resold. In such cases, we offer a variety of dismantling and recycling services for used computer equipment.

What happens with the used computers we buy:

  • Pick up from your office (*Fees may apply if equipment is too old to refurbish)
  • Delabel the machine casings, removing any company-related inventory information
  • Completely wipe the hard drive with software meeting Department of Defense security standards or physically shred the entire hard drive into unrecognizable pieces
  • Refurbish the equipment
  • Resell or donate the computers for continued use

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Thinking of throwing computers away?

Think again. The electronic wasteland is hurting the environment and leading to record identity theft.

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