Sell Used Computers & Computer Equipment

Sell used IT equipment for top dollar, and reduce your organization’s exposure to the liability associated with environmentally responsible disposal.

Sell Computer Equipment - Salma Systems LLC

Our company is one of the largest volume buyers of used IT equipment in the southeast, processing thousands of used computers, servers, and other IT equipment monthly through our 8,000 square foot facility in Coconut Creek, Florida.

If you are looking to sell used computers & computer equipment to help your organization recover maximum return on initial equipment investment costs, Salma Systems offers competitive pricing, enabling you to reach this goal.  We provide fast payment, a full suite of logistics and removal offering, and can significantly reduce the downstream liability of your organization with regard to environmentally responsible disposal, and proper eradication of sensitive hard drive data.

Benefits of selling used computer equipment:

  • Rather than spending money to recycle computer equipment, get money for used computers & IT equipment
  • We purchase computer equipment to ultimately refurbish and redeploy it, where used computers are made available to individuals and organizations on a tight budget.  You help this process by selling your equipment to us
  • Protect the environment by reducing the amount of IT equipment in landfills
  • Reduce downstream liability with regard to data security by contracting our company to completely wipe the data from hard drives (DoD Data Wipe), or shred old hard drives with our hard drive shredding service
  • When we purchase your used technology assets, the ownership transfers into our name, and along with that, the liability and responsibility associated with environmental compliance rests solely with us.

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After you buy, sell

Sell us your used computer equipment  to help minimize costs of your recent “new” IT equipment purchase
The money that our company pays money for newer-aged technology assets including used pc computers, servers, monitors, laptops, networking equipment, and more, provides our vendors with assistance in covering the costs associated with a purchase of new equipment your organization is in the process of making.

And, for organizations with non-functional or outdated electronics equipment, we offer a variety of removal solutions which are done either at no charge to your organization or for a very minor fee, depending upon the logistics and equipment involved.

What Salma Systems Does With Your Used Computer:

  • Pick up from your office (*Fees may apply depending upon equipment value)
  • Delabel the machine casings, removing any company-related inventory information
  • Completely remove hard drive data with software meeting Department of Defense security standards
  • Refurbish the equipment
  • Re-sell or donate the computers for continued use and reduction of the amount of electronic waste polluting our planet’s landfills

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We pick-up your equipment for you.

We take care of every stage of the process. We pick-up, survey, pack and re-market, doing all the work for you.

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