Service Overview

Our company is a full service IT Asset Management company managing the deinstallation, removal, data security, and sale processes for hundreds of customers nationwide, and can provide your organization with a zero-obligation, free quote to purchase or remove your used or surplus IT equipment. We can pay your organization competitively for IT assets which hold a residual value, and at the same time will reduce your organization’s liability with regard to environmentally compliant disposal.

Organizations looking to take advantage of our full scope of IT Asset Management services can greatly benefit from:

  • Environmentally responsible equipment recycling
  • Demonstrate chain of ownership
  • Equipment delabeling
  • Properly documented transfer of ownership
  • Secure data destruction
  • Beginning to end service
  • Asset re-marketing
  • Can resell directly to end-users

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Some of the key services our company offers include:

Equipment Delabeling

Many organizations put asset tags onto the equipment they own as a method of internal tracking and to identify ownership. But what most companies don’t realize, is that the asset tags put onto their used IT equipment can come back to haunt them if their equipment is found to have been disposed of improperly – such as by dumping it in the trash, or worse-yet, if it’s found in a trade-embargoed country.

IT Equipment Removal / Deinstallation

Is your IT room filled with obsolete equipment? Do you have old equipment sitting on desks which needs to be unplugged and removed? Utilizing our staff, vehicles, and packing materials, Salma Systems can haul away anything from a pallet of your organization’s used IT equipment up to multiple truckloads of it. If you have old technology assets you’d like to have removed from your premises, we can help you.
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Sell Used Computers & Other IT Equipment

Our company pays top dollar for bulk lots of surplus IT assets which are newer in age and still in a good, functional condition. Upon reviewing a detailed list of your equipment, we can determine what value, if any, there would be in this equipment, and offer you an immediate cash price to get it off your organization’s books.
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Equipment Remarketing / Sales

The process of properly auditing and selling corporate IT assets can tie up your organization’s staff, resulting in lost revenues. We offer a comprehensive consignment program which manages the complete deinstallation, logistics, auditing, sale, and receivables process for your organization’s surplus IT equipment. Organizations can consign the full process to Salma Systems, saving your staff valuable time and money while also gaining you access to our wealth of industry experience.
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Data Security / Data Destruction (DoD Wipe)

Simply reformatting a hard drive may still leave sensitive data on it which is able to be recovered by data recovery specialists, so Salma Systems utilizes software which conforms to Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M) standards to completely eradicate all data on client hard drives by overwriting the data with multiple passes prior to entering a verification wipe to be 100% certain of successful data destruction. This process can be done at the client’s site, or in one of our facilities and is available for a reasonable fee to organizations looking to safeguard their sensitive data.
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Computer Recycling

If your organization has obsolete or non-functional IT equipment, we can help!  We can come to you, managing the complete deinstallation and removal process, and will bring your old computers and related equipment back to our sorting facility for further processing.  Our removal service can be performed at no charge or for a small fee, depending upon the complexity of removing the equipment from your site, and the equipment itself.
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Thinking of throwing computers away?

Think again. The electronic wasteland is hurting the environment and leading to record identity theft.

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What kind of IT equipment do you take?

Read through our detailed list of what we do and do not accept. Questions? Contact us today.

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We pick-up your equipment for you.

We take care of every stage of the process. We pick-up, survey, pack and re-market, doing all the work for you.

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Where are you located?

Whether you need to get to us or we need to get to you, click here to get in touch with our closest provider.

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