Point of Sale Systems Computer Recycling

How Can We Help With Your
Used IT Equipment and POS systems?

Thinking of throwing used computers away?

Think again. The electronic disposal wasteland is hurting the environment and leading to record identity theft.

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What kind of IT equipment do you take?

Read through our detailed list of what we do and do not accept. Questions? Contact us today.

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We pick-up your equipment.

We take care of every stage of the process. We pick-up, survey, pack and re-market, doing all the work for you.

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Where are your recycling facilities located?

Whether you need to get to us or we need to get to you, click here to get in touch with our closest provider.

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The Preferred Choice in IT Asset Management and POS systems.

At Salma Systems, we are an IT company offering Point of Sale Solutions including Computer Sales, Recycling, Disposal and Removal Services.

Salma POS Systems and Computer RecyclingOrganizations looking to sell, dispose or recycle their “end of life”, surplus, or newer-aged IT equipment or POS systems can partner with Salma Systems to manage the complete sale or disposal process.

Our company pays money for newer-aged technology assets including point of sale systems, PC computers, servers, monitors, laptops, networking equipment, and more. When we purchase or when you donate your used technology assets, the ownership transfers into our name, and along with that, the liability and responsibility for environmental compliance will rest solely with us. We also offer a service to sell various types of point of sale (POS) systems depending on your business needs. Most of the money received from the sales of used or broken POS systems goes back in to the organization to assist with recycling of old equipment.

If you need new POS equipment, retail or restaurant computer systems?  Not sure which one is best for you?  Check out POSUSA's curated list of restaurant POS systems here. It's the largest list we have seen online.  The page contains a detailed and updated list of the best available point of sale solutions for restaurants on the market.  They also offer to help you find and choose the best POS solution based on your business type, environment, and budget.  It would be great if there was pricing information on the list, but you can select each product review on the site to find the price.  If you find something you like or can't find what you're looking for, either way let us know and we'll help.

And, for organizations with non-functional or outdated electronics equipment, we offer a variety of removal solutions which are done either at no charge to your organization or for a very minor fee, depending upon the logistics and equipment involved.  You can learn more about what we do with your old point of sale system or computer equipment by reading our Mission Statement

Organizations looking to take advantage of our full scope of IT Asset Management services can greatly benefit from:

  • Environmentally responsible equipment recycling
  • Demonstrate chain of ownership
  • Equipment delabeling
  • Properly documented transfer of ownership
  • Secure data destruction
  • Beginning to end service
  • Asset re-marketing
  • Can resell directly to end-users
  • Restaurant POS system sales, disposal, and recycling
  • Retail POS system sales, disposal, and recycling

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