Computer Recycling

We provide hassle-free, worry-free removal, recovery, and equipment disposal services for used IT equipment including computers, servers, monitors, printers, and other related IT equipment through our Coconut Creek, Florida processing facility, and offer nationwide PC disposal service (Florida Department of Environmental Protection Site ID # FLR000163477). We will pay money for bulk lots of newer-aged and functional IT equipment which hold a resale value to us.

Due to the reduced energy costs we associate with refurbishing, our company targets to acquire equipment which can be refurbished and put to reuse. We have adopted a list of Accepted Items we can refurbish, as well as a list of Rejected Items which we are unable to refurbish, or it is too costly for us to accept at no charge, so a fee will apply to such rejected items.

What We Accept

The following equipment is equipment our company accepts for recycling, and this equipment is accepted at no cost to your organization.  However, if your organization does not have the logistical capability to deliver this equipment to one of our processing facilities, we can handle the removal process and a small pickup fee may apply, though sometimes we can waive this fee.

  • Used Computers (Any brand, any condition)
    • Used Desktops
    • Used Laptops
    • Used Ruggedized Units (such as Toughbooks, or Dolch)
  • Used Servers (Any brand, any condition)
  • Used Networking Equipment (Any brand, any condition)
  • Used LCD Flat Panel Monitors (Any brand, any condition)
  • Used CRT Monitors (Only CRT monitors which do not have physical damage to the screens, such as broken glass, or bad screen burn)
  • Used Keyboards, Mice, or other related peripherals

What We DO NOT Accept

  • Televisions, Cathode-Ray (Fee applies)
  • Used Printers (Small fee may apply)
  • Used Copiers (Small fee may apply)
  • Video Monitors
  • Household Appliances
  • Hazardous Materials by themselves, or which are unrelated to IT equipment

How to Recycle Computers 

Organizations looking to have our company manage their PC disposal and recycling of other used IT equipment are encouraged to contact us to discuss the specifics of their equipment and schedule a pickup with us.  Pickups are done for a very small fee or if there is value in the equipment to us, the fee can be waived.  We review pickup requests on a case-by-case basis, so contact us to discuss your equipment.

If you have any questions regarding disposal of your used IT equipment, or wish to sell us your functional equipment, please contact us.

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We pick-up your equipment for you.

We take care of every stage of the process. We pick-up, survey, pack and re-market, doing all the work for you.

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