Solutions for 1-10 Pieces

Small Business Service Market

Small businesses and organizations looking to sell or dispose of between 1-10 pieces of used computer equipment can benefit from one of the following two services we provide:

  • sell your organization’s functional, newer-aged, business-class IT equipment to our company, or just receive a zero-obligation, free quote on what we would pay you for it
  • request a pickup of your old computers and other IT equipment

Please note that IT equipment haul-away is a service we offer only on bulk pickups, and a small fee may apply depending upon the logistics and equipment involved.  We are unable to perform residential pickups.

» learn more about our computer recycling program in South Florida, and how to dispose of used computers

Thinking of throwing computers away?

Think again. The electronic wasteland is hurting the environment and leading to record identity theft.

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What kind of IT equipment do you take?

Read through our detailed list of what we do and do not accept. Questions? Contact us today.

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We pick-up your equipment for you.

We take care of every stage of the process. We pick-up, survey, pack and re-market, doing all the work for you.

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Where are you located?

Whether you need to get to us or we need to get to you, click here to get in touch with our closest provider.

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